Informacion con el alquiler de bicis

Puede alquilar cualquier tipo bicicletas durante todo el ano. El alquiler no está obligado a un paquete. El alquiler puede ser sobre una base diaria, pero para alquiler a largo plazo tienen prioridad y son más baratos.
Cancelaciones están dentro de 3 dias después de que la reserva se ha creado de forma gratuita. A partir de entonces, se cargará el 50% del importe total del alquiler. Si no recoger la bici reservado, se cargará el 80% del precio total del alquiler.

Alquiler de bicicletas incluye los siguientes accesorios:
En bicicletas de carreras y bicicletas fitness:
Una mini bolsa con una camara de repuesto y dos desmontables, velocimetro, mini bomba, dos portabidones.
n bicicletas de montana y trekking:
Una mini bomba, kit de reparación y dos desmontables y un portabidon.
Opcional: un anti-robos (espiral), mini herramienta, casco (esto se extiende sólo hasta fin de existencias).

Asimismo, todas las bicicletas están equipadas con una tarjeta de emergencia, ya sea en la bolsa de sillín o en el interior del kit de reparación, con todos los números de emergencia necesarias y los números de teléfono Rad International.

Por cualquier duda no dude en contactarnos a este email.

Ayuda para la elección de las medidas de la bicicleta: Mostrar configurador

Our terms and conditions for acquisition of a rental bike

The conditions below, you confirm with your signature on-site.

We handover your rental item in proper working condition and clean. Defects may be recorded here. The rental rate includes the bicycle cleaning. The rental price of the bicycles covers damages up to an amount of EUR300, by simple negligence. In gross negligence inflicted property damage, improper handling, as well as property damage exceeding EUR300 the tenant is liable for the full amount. Defective inner tubes must be replaced as well.
At handover the following damages, not impairing the functionality of the rental item, are beeing recorded:

We strongly recommend wearing a helmet to avoid head injuries, this is mandatory outside villages/cities by spanish law.
The bicycles may be used only on paved roads, except for mountain bikes. The obligation to comply the local traffic regulations is explicitly mentioned.
The tenant acknowledges that in the event of an accident he is insured and comes up for any costs of medical treatment. RIS-Sportreisen GmbH shall not be liable for damages resulting from the use of the rental item. The use and exercise of the bicycle or rental item is carried out at your own risk.
The participation of RIS Sportreisen GmbH guided tours, is at your own risk.
You will receive a technically faultless and clean bicycle, including accessories for temporary use. Upon completion of the contract you pay the amount of the published price list, with optional deposit. This deposit is returned to you if you return the rental item(s) with all accessories which you have received at handover. We ask you to treat the bike with special care. The tenant agrees to keep the rental item(s) in a safe place in closed/locked state.
A theft insurance is not included in this rental agreement..
In particular, we point out:
- to not lean the bicycle on frame/saddle or rear derailler agains walls or other items, use the pedal in upper position instead.
- for hygienic reasons, always ride with cycling gloves.
- to use road bikes only on appropriate roads (paved only).
- to protect bicycles during transportation in vehicles of an damage (scratches, etc..).
- The bicycle may only be riden by the signed tenant.